Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Marc Jacobs

If he was interested in women I would totally marry this man. If I could spend my money on any designers lines it would be Marc Jacobs from his use of texture and colour to beautiful timeless leather bags , I am in love. Currently on my wishlist the vision spring charity totes. I somehow found out about these bags too late : ( but found one online that I am going to pick up this weekend. They seem perfect for my school stuff or just shopping around. Did any other Canadian friends pick up a bag? 
I also am posting some pictures of bags I would probably move and change my name for. 

I am picking up one in the charcoal colour I wish I could have gotten the pink or white but I will settle for any one!

My dream bad the Hillier- it was love at first sight


Oh dont forget the giveaway!!! I have extended it to the end of November so make sure you spread the word!!

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