Monday, October 4, 2010

Round the Mulberry Bush

Very exciting news for any U.S residents the Mulberry for Target collection will be out in 6 days ( Oct.10th).  I am having hopefully one of my sisters buy me one as I know they will sell out fast.  I personally Love the patent black satchel which apparently ( in the teen vogue pictures above) comes in a larger size yeah! What do you guys think? I am not a huge fan of the denim but I am a sucker for affordable designer items so I can't complain! Will you be buying a bag?


  1. I have been looking for the perfect bag for my next trip, I definitely like the Mulberry black bag. I am a bag lady.

    I will follow you if you follow me.

    Greetings from Fashion Me Chic

  2. I really liked the stuff that Mulberry came out with last year, the details were mind blowing.

    In answer to a previous question: Keep the red trench, when will you ever own one again?

    I'm a Glee addict too. :)

  3. Very nice blog, thanks for sharing this Mulberry collection, loving the first pic!

  4. amazing! so excited! cannot wait to see it in person :) thanks for sharing the photos though, i hadn't seen them until now!

  5. I want! I need!
    Unfortunatly there's no target in Holland but maybe I give it a try on ebay.

  6. I just wanted to tell you that out blogs have the same background. We have great taste in page decorating! :) lol

    Love your blog by the way! very great!

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