Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Finnnnnnaly Back

Hey there so I know its been a while but I was so unbelivable busy this summer that I had to put the blog on the backburner for a while. Seeing as it is fall and its time to start layering up I thought I would do a post dedicated to the art of layering : )

Tips for layering
- Try stick to three items of clothing like a t-shirt, cardigan and a jacket, to achieve the right amount of layers without looking too bulky.
- Military jackets are really in and are perfect for the cooler weather.
- Don't be afraid to wear those dresses from summer with your favourite pair of tights and boots. It can be a great way to change up your wardrobe for fall without having to spend on new pieces.
-accesorize- scarfs and hats and all that jazz. I am currently knitting my fist chunky knit circle scarf to throw on with my favourite army jacket.

Here is a good example of the perfect layering. Adding a belt to the dress accentuates the waist. Im loving this jacket although im not a fan of the back ( shown online) its got a tie up corset thing which im not a fan of.

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