Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Another post

Can you tell I have been procrastinating? Quite a lot of blogging not so much studying im feeling the glamour not so much the pathology... Here are a few photos from an outfit I wore when I went out for dinner with some of my friends. Sorry crappy quality and im on my bed but is my old navy blazer, favorite ( and only ) yellow top from Macy's and my brand spankin new asos curve lace paneled tights ( such an awkward angle but I wanted to show them off will post more pictures of them later). I wore them with my black wedge shoes. 

Ok study time good byeeeeee<3F


  1. Love the way you used two photographs to blow a kiss. genius.
    I'm glad your shots were "messy", it makes them more interesting.
    kiss, kiss, xo d

  2. adorable! love the leggings and your nails :) your blog is lovely! would you like to follow/bloglove each other?

    love, M

  3. But you still look lovely, nice blog!

  4. thanks for your lovely comm, i like your blog! lets follow each other!

  5. you look amazing !!!
    we like your blog !!


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